Welcome To Lugha Ishara

We are a social innovation powerhouse working at the nexus of education, disability inclusion and technology for Deaf children and families. We strive towards our ambitious mission of transformational development of Deaf Children and their families.

The problem we solve

The core problem we seek to address is Language Deprivation. Language Deprivation in Deaf children occurs when there is zero or little regular meaningful exposure to sign language from birth and within the formative period of language development when the brain has plasticity (0-5 years). Globally, only 2% of Deaf children receive education in sign language (WFD 2017). This results in lack of brain stimulation leading to the shrinking of the brain,the ripple effects of this include poor education, health, and livelihoods outcomes (J Murray et al 2019).

What we do

We provide digital and non-digital solutions to address language deprivation primarily by enabling access to affordable child-friendly sign language content for the early years of language development and providing an enabling environment for this access.

Creating and sustaining a community

We provide a space for deaf children and their parents to learn Sign Language and grow together in a welcoming and comfortable environment.


Teaching Kenyan Sign Language

We teach individuals, families and Corporates Kenyan sign language with affordable rates and qualified facilitators.



We organise and host events where Deaf children are the main participants. This reduces stigma and acts as an avenue for advocacy.


Partner with us

Become a Sign Language champion today and help us meet our goal of tackling language deprivation among deaf children.


Our awesome features
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